Monday, April 17, 2006


Brooklyn is a very special girl. She was born in New York and had a very rough life before trucking across the USA and ending up in the Humane Society. Being abused and mistreated, her leg broken, roughed up and dumped off, she could be one of any of the millions of dogs who end up in our shelters everyday.
Brooklyn, however, has a happy story. A very wonderful lady spotted her, saw past her problems, the expenses of adoption and surgeries and wanted her. She fought to save her and now Brooklyn lives in a loving home.
That isn't where her story ends, and this post certainly won't be either. At some point, a mutual friend recommended that Brooklyn's Mom call me for some professional training assistance to help Brooklyn adjust to her new life. I get the priviledge of working with Brooklyn regularly and I've seen her grow and change.
Dog training is more than just "sit", "come", "stay" and "heel" - the more I've worked with Brooklyn, helping her overcome behaviors that should have been eliminated when she was a little puppy, the more I learn from her. She inspires me, challenges me and makes me grow. Most of all, she is a friend; always excited to see me, we have created a special bond: Trust. Trust isn't the easiest part of a friendship to develop, nor should it be, but it is by far the most valuable. THANK YOU, BROOKLYN! I LOVE YOU!!!