Monday, July 18, 2016

Chelsea's Light and PUPPIES

I have recently been exploring and really appreciate all that Ravelry has for it's users! It's amazing! Needle and hook inventory, stash and what you're making, notes, queues for the things you want to make, and that doesn't begin to touch the incredible and comprehensive pattern library!
I think it's a little scary to see all the WIP's I have (frogged, hibernating.... Ahem!) but so rewarding to see that "Finished" appear and even just to move that tracking bar farther along.
I am 5 repeats into the edging for my red Chelsea's Light Foundation Rivington Cowl. I am so excited to see this finished! It has been a simple and beautiful knit, but not boring. I found these kits on sale at Webs... You get not one, but two Gorgeous Dream In Color Jilly yarns and the pattern, and they have two colorways, each named to reflect the spirit of this amazing young woman who was tragically killed by a horrible whacko.  A portion goes to support a great cause! Chelsea's Light Foundation, which as I read Chelsea's story, I just knew I had to support. The blue is Poise, the coppery red is Enthusimistic (my new favorite adjective!) and the tan, Indomitable! As I read more about Chelsea, I can see how fitting these aee. I will remember as I wear them and remind myself to be Indomnitable, Enthusimistic and Poised. All good things!
As I look at this - almost completed- cowl, my mind screams,  Bead it!! I am not up to frogging it all, and I don't want beads just on the edge, but I will definitely be looking at adding them to the Poise (blue) one!
And I finally took some pictures, but Blogger is being difficult and although the light is awful, I dis put them on my Ravelry page. I've got to do more pics of everything!