Saturday, October 29, 2005


George has a bit of spunk today and that is very refreshing! While he still ate only half of breakfast, his attitude is greatly improved. We're going to do some "winter yardwork" this afternoon and I'd say he'll be out there wanting to help. Amber is happy to have him perky again, too, so I am looking forward to seeing them romp.
The trick-or-treators come on Monday and this neighborhood usually gets a lot; he really enjoys them and the constant onslaught of kids tramping up and down our stairs and ringing our doorbell drives Amber INSANE while George just wants to be fulfill his usual role of "Welcoming Committee". In years past I have been very bah-humbug about the whole thing, but last year the kids were polite - not rude as I have experienced in years before - and now that I have friends in the neighborhood with kids, I look forward to having them come! Plus I can dump extra goodies in their bags and spoil them all the more! Yes, for the first time, I think I am actually looking forward to Halloween. Weird.

Today there is a surprise birthday party for a very special lady! She is 80 years old, but you'd never know it when you met her! Congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Peggy! Peggy is the Grandma of Trevor, Art's half brother, the brother I think most resembles him. Art is the oldest and Trevor is like 18 or 19 years younger. They look amazingly alike. Peggy and I became friends when she adopted Henry, the sweeted Yorkshire Terrier I've ever met. Peggy and Henry came to my classes in Lake Forest Park when I was teaching for Canine Behavior Center . She and Henry did very well! Henry is the coolest Yorkie - they are quite a team!
Happy Birthday, Peggy!

In knitting news, I worked on the Flower Basket Shawl last night and it is going so much better now that I am using lots of stitch markers to keep myself from getting confused. I think the fact that I knit while watching TV was definitely interfering with my concentration.... I figure I am about half way done. I am quite pleased and it is very pretty!

I managed to add links to the sidebar. I figured it out, after reading the help and studying all those lines of code and screwing everything up once or twice. I give all the credit to my Dad; he was a computer genius. He passed away back in '92, but whatever computer capabilities I have today, came from his gene pool. Thanks, Dad! I Love You!

Friday, October 28, 2005


Chlostridium (n.) is a spore forming bacteria which can be part of the normal intestinal flora, but in George's case he has an overgrowth. They're pretty nasty little buggers; I didn't find much in relation to animals, but in humans they can cause Lockjaw (Tetanus), Gangrene and other nasty stuff. It explains the runs he has.

Luckily before we left, George created a sample and I decided to bag it just in case the vet wanted it. She did. Tom, the cool lab genius even let me look through the microscope. Dr. Baxter was pretty sure that the lumps we had found were only lipoma's and of no great concern, but she aspirated them to be sure. He was so good and so brave! How a dog can hold still with just Mommy holding him while a doctor jabs a needle into his gut 6 or 8 times right next to his winky, I'll never understand, but he did and it was over. Then he got some really great cookies, hugs & kisses from the entire staff and a new tube of chicken toothpaste - yum - his favorite!

So, we get to have special food and some antibiotics for a week or so. We'll have results in a few days, but we don't think this is cancer related. Thank God, His blessings are many.

In retrospect, I remember telling George to "Leave-it" about a slug that was on the front porch the other night. I wonder if that is where all this started...

Another Day

George is feeling a lot perkier today. He still doesn't have much interest in food. For a Golden Retriever that could win any pie-eating-contest in the world, that is saying a lot. He took meds like a good boy - at least the peanut butter on the back of the spoon is still appealing - but the dish wasn't too exciting. I poached some chicken breasts and we're going to have some fun eating those in a little bit. One way or another, he'll eat - I'll see to that! I'll check out the veggie stock in the fridge and see what we have that he loves and see what I can rassle up for him there as well. One of the things he loved the most about my working from home was that I would fix a big plate of grilled veggies for lunch and give the left-overs to Amber & George. He thought the addition of "lunch" into his schedule was a very wonderful thing and would remind me how important it was to take a break and stop to eat - or at least to give him his share! Ambie likes the veggies as well; cauliflower is her favorite. George likes everything.We're seeing the vet at 3 PM today. There is a lump or swelling in his abdomen about the size of a golf ball that is possibly lymph nodes. They'll aspirate and have results soon. I also found a small lump on his forearm yesterday when we were cuddling and taking a nap. That one is only about the size of a pea. What this means is he is probably not in remission like we had thought. I am crushed, scared, angry and trying not to let him see my fears. At the moment I am overwhelmed, but know the feeling will pass. I trust God has a plan in my life and has ways for me to go about all of this. I am not alone, although at times I may feel that way. I am praying this is a temporary set back for George and that we are not yet at the brink... I know it will eventually come, but I would like very much for God to grant us more time together.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Good Days and Bad Days

George was diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma in April 2oo5. We were devastated. To us, our kids are our dogs. I can't say that it has been an easy 6 months, but for the most part when you put the word "cancer" into a sentence, it isn't good, so what I can say is, that it hasn't been as bad as it could be. Most of us know the sickness, pain and suffering that word means. Today is a bad day; he hasn't really had one of them in a long time, so I am facing again the reality of this horrible disease and the pain and heartache it brings.

For members of the George Fan Club, he is alright, don't panic - but he's not feeling well.

I spoke to Merry at Dr. Meleo's and she confirmed that a chemo slump is normal 10-14 days after treatment, which coincides with this time frame. I pray it means the chemo is killing cancer cells and not taking too hard a toll on the rest of his systems. He is taking the Chemo Support Formula and his other herbs religiously. This morning, he didn't eat more than half of his breakfast and has been fairly lethargic all day. He wants to lay outside, but the temperatures have dropped significantly from yesterday's and I am worried about him getting sick. So I am keeping him inside where I am freezing; I'm trying to bundle up to keep the heat down for him.

I think I will see if he is up to snuggling; see if I can steal some of that precious body heat of his and hold him and make him feel better. My poor boy.

Amber is just sort of laying near him looking at him. Then she comes over to me for a few minutes and goes back over to him and lays down about 3 feet away and watches him. She loves him so much, too. When he spent the weekend at the ER back in May, she scoured the entire cul de sac looking for him, everyones' cars, porches, yards, it was so sweet. She would go up to people - not to get petted - as she would sniff them and look up at them as if to say, "Do you know where George is?" then stand there a moment, then walk away.

On a closing note, I extend my heartfelt wishes to my good friend Robin and the wonderful Miss Katie who had her first chemo treatment today. It turns out she has lymphoma as well, instead of an infection as we had first thought. I am%

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The camera goes on vacation...

My camera is on vacation in Lake Chelan, but I am stuck here at home, hard at work. It makes posting a bit boring, as I like color and the pizzazz a few pictures can add. So, I'll bring a few items out of the closet I've been working on. I've also been working around the house and Monday night decided it was time to disassemble my sofa and thoroughly vacuum in, under and around it. It's one of those semi-circular couches, so it wasn't the easiest task. Let's just say that Art was glad he was at his brother's watching the game!

I've always got too many things on the needles - I can't stay loyal to one project for too long as I get bored and have to get into something else for a while. Hence, I knit, crochet, embroider and still occasionally do cross stitch. I recently learned Bunka Sishu and that was way cool! I finished my first Bunka. It isn't framed and I don't have a photo yet, so I'll show you later!

Currently waiting in the wings...

A purple basketweave afghan made from a thick chenille yarn that is very soft and has wonderful texture.... yes, that is a crochet hook you see on the edge there. Now, no snide comments from all you knitting divas out there. You know you need us multi-talented folks when your knitting patterns call for a crocheted border!

Teal is one of my favorite colors. Our sofa is teal, but only by coincidence and it prompted me to paint our living room 5 shades of teal over Halloween weekend a few years ago, (can you say too much Christopher Lowell?) while Art was in Las Vegas with the Sprint Car team. It actually took much longer than the weekend to finish and he could have killed me when he got home to find the house in shambles and under tarps - but he helped me finish. He had to - the TV was covered in drop cloths! So when I found this beautiful yarn on eBay, I knew it was meant for me. I just had no idea what I was going to use it for. I found the pattern "Cozy" in the archives of @ I thought it would make a gorgeous shawl. They yarn's base is teal, with shiny teal and copper threads spun through it. I really love the pattern because it is simple enough to work, but not too simple to get bored with. I cannot sit and do stockinette for very long. I know it is rhythmic , that knitting is very soothing and you could say meditative, but doing ST st for me, my meditative mind wanders too far and I just can't stick with it. I find I need the stimulation of pattern as much as I need the soothing feel of gentle accomplishment of each little stitch.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

So Much Love To Give

George is amazing. Yesterday he was a real trooper. It was a particularly difficult day for me and just having him with me was such a comfort and gave me strength. In kind, he passed that same love, comfort and strength on to some others. We went to visit my Aunt Myrna in Anacortes who is reaching the end of her days here on earth and has been battling cancer for some years now. She has always loved dogs and it was my hope that George would bring some joy to her. She knows George (and Amber) as she used to come visit us quite a bit before she got quite ill. George was very gentle and did a great job being on his best manners at the nursing home. He was also greeted enthusiastically by many other patients and the staff there. He was enthralled by their birds. They have beautiful birds and lots of them in many cages throughout the facility. One attendant had a bird on each shoulder as she went about distributing books. George enjoyed the many friends he made and we had some very special and tender moments.

Today, George went to Animal Cancer Specialists in Lake City for his own Chemotherapy treatment. He is doing well and firmly in remission. We are targetting February as the cut-off for treatments and praying that it will hold foreverafter. George wouldn't mind being the first dog ever cured of cancer and neither would I. I know that the prayers, love and support of have pulled us through so far and as I opened a new bottle of Chemotherapy Support Formula from Dr. McDowell in Australia (thanks George P, you're a great friend!) I thought back about the many different things and how they have all come together to bring George back to a healthy, vibrant state.
George, by the way, loves going to ACS and seeing his friends, Dr. Meleo, Merry, Amy, Sarah, Sandra, Ursula and everyone else at ACS & ACCES and all the other clients. He makes friends with so many people in the lobby. Today he met a very rare blonde Scottie Terrier named Laddie and his packmate Bonnie, a black Scottie.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Why Bears Hybernate

Fishing season is about over, but we had a pretty good year!

The weather has changed and the winds and rain have moved in. Soon it will be hunting season... (Don't worry, we only hunt clay pigeons)

And I have to say, the idea of taking a nice, long winter's nap is rather appealing! Wouldn't you agree?

So, now you know... that's why Bears hybernate.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Flower Basket Shawl

Did I mention I was frustrated with this? Well, if you can call picking out about 6 rows last night and not getting totally frustrated and wanting to frog the entire thing "progress" then I made headway last night. I was remembering something that Laura of had recently said about weighing the difference between time to frog and time to perform surgery. I figured that once I started to frog, there would be no stopping. I knew I had this - (sorry the picture isn't very good, our camera sucks for taking close up pictures and it was at night, so the light was awful) and it is hard to see - but there is a loop - just off to the left of center where I split the two strands on a stitch. So I picked out a bunch of rows, dropped down about 3 rows after figuring out which side of the yarn over I needed to go on (I was tired of picking out rows and had opted to try for surgery) and put it back together. At this point, Art usually decides to start talking to me about something. Bless his heart. Will they ever understand? I am now in the operating room, my patient is on the table and is cut wide open!! I have precious minutes to get in, get the heart beating again and get out. Too long and I will for sure have a calamity! Now is not the time for idle chit-chat or worse - making "to-do" lists!!! For some reason, the poor guy just doesn't understand when I get cranky about this. No wonder he resents my knitting sometimes. I am learning to be more sensitive, he is learning that scrunched up intenselook on my face means something.

As for the patient - it lived. I am not yet sure how it's recovery is today; I haven't checked in. I am just glad that I still like it and want to keep going on it. I have decided it is a gift and who I want to make it for... At first it was for me, but I can decide if I want to make another for myself later - Christmas is coming and I have lots and lots to do!!!

For the rest of the evening, we spent some time on the floor snuggling with Amber & George!!

(Here's Amber & Art)

Tonight I hope to see how I did on the FBS surgery! Now I am off to the new Costco in Woodinville! I am so excited to have one so close!

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Welcome to my new blog! I am quite excited and glad that you decided to stop by. I won't be posting any longer at my old MSN blog, so be sure to mark this page for the future!

Oh, so much has been happening here, I am not sure where to begin! The Yacht Dogs Yacht Club has been keeping me busy and we are very glad to have Richard moved back here to Seattle where he belongs. It means things have been a bit hectic, but we are working through it I am just tickled to have him here! Art and Richard went fishing last Sunday, something they hadn't done in years. They came home & said that they'd "had a great boat ride!" which I guess means I will hold the record for big Bass, at least this year.

I've been knitting a Flower Basket Shawl and been finding that I'm frustrated with it. Actually, that isn't true, I'm enjoying it. I'm frustrated with me. I should be knitting well enough by now not to be making stupid mistakes and having problems. So, I set it aside for a day or two and let it rest and will pick it up and see it I can get a clear head about it soon. I've lots of other WIP, but I really want to do this one!

I got to spend some time with my Uncle Art last week. He's got the most adorable Westie, Maggie, and is getting settled into their new home. Isn't she adorable?

Well, I think that will be a wrap for today, George seems to think it is lunch time and is getting impatient. Thanks for stopping by & don't forget to say hello!

And please check out our favorite site, other than blogspot, the YDYC at

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