Saturday, October 15, 2005

Why Bears Hybernate

Fishing season is about over, but we had a pretty good year!

The weather has changed and the winds and rain have moved in. Soon it will be hunting season... (Don't worry, we only hunt clay pigeons)

And I have to say, the idea of taking a nice, long winter's nap is rather appealing! Wouldn't you agree?

So, now you know... that's why Bears hybernate.


Charisse said...

Hi gayle. I have been trying to send you email and I had such a hard time doing so. Im so glad you wrote to me on my blog. Im glad you recieved the markers. I wasnt sure if you got them and then I got your card in the mail last week, I was so suprised. Im glad you got them. And keep in touch I have to post soon im usually good with that. talk soon.

Laura A said...

I love the shot of George in earmuffs! Cute!

MD Pilot said...

I found better earmuffs if you're interested. Mutt Muffs

I'm a pilot and my dog loves to fly, but it's so frikkin loud.

FYRKRKR said...

Thanks MD Pilot for the tip on the muffs! That is very cool! We belong to a trap & skeet club, and several people bring their dogs. I'm going to let them know!

MD Pilot said...

Very cool. I was perusing the site again and saw Sturgis on the trade show calendar. Dog with muffs on a hog! Gotta see that!