Thursday, October 27, 2005

Good Days and Bad Days

George was diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma in April 2oo5. We were devastated. To us, our kids are our dogs. I can't say that it has been an easy 6 months, but for the most part when you put the word "cancer" into a sentence, it isn't good, so what I can say is, that it hasn't been as bad as it could be. Most of us know the sickness, pain and suffering that word means. Today is a bad day; he hasn't really had one of them in a long time, so I am facing again the reality of this horrible disease and the pain and heartache it brings.

For members of the George Fan Club, he is alright, don't panic - but he's not feeling well.

I spoke to Merry at Dr. Meleo's and she confirmed that a chemo slump is normal 10-14 days after treatment, which coincides with this time frame. I pray it means the chemo is killing cancer cells and not taking too hard a toll on the rest of his systems. He is taking the Chemo Support Formula and his other herbs religiously. This morning, he didn't eat more than half of his breakfast and has been fairly lethargic all day. He wants to lay outside, but the temperatures have dropped significantly from yesterday's and I am worried about him getting sick. So I am keeping him inside where I am freezing; I'm trying to bundle up to keep the heat down for him.

I think I will see if he is up to snuggling; see if I can steal some of that precious body heat of his and hold him and make him feel better. My poor boy.

Amber is just sort of laying near him looking at him. Then she comes over to me for a few minutes and goes back over to him and lays down about 3 feet away and watches him. She loves him so much, too. When he spent the weekend at the ER back in May, she scoured the entire cul de sac looking for him, everyones' cars, porches, yards, it was so sweet. She would go up to people - not to get petted - as she would sniff them and look up at them as if to say, "Do you know where George is?" then stand there a moment, then walk away.

On a closing note, I extend my heartfelt wishes to my good friend Robin and the wonderful Miss Katie who had her first chemo treatment today. It turns out she has lymphoma as well, instead of an infection as we had first thought. I am%

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