Friday, October 28, 2005

Another Day

George is feeling a lot perkier today. He still doesn't have much interest in food. For a Golden Retriever that could win any pie-eating-contest in the world, that is saying a lot. He took meds like a good boy - at least the peanut butter on the back of the spoon is still appealing - but the dish wasn't too exciting. I poached some chicken breasts and we're going to have some fun eating those in a little bit. One way or another, he'll eat - I'll see to that! I'll check out the veggie stock in the fridge and see what we have that he loves and see what I can rassle up for him there as well. One of the things he loved the most about my working from home was that I would fix a big plate of grilled veggies for lunch and give the left-overs to Amber & George. He thought the addition of "lunch" into his schedule was a very wonderful thing and would remind me how important it was to take a break and stop to eat - or at least to give him his share! Ambie likes the veggies as well; cauliflower is her favorite. George likes everything.We're seeing the vet at 3 PM today. There is a lump or swelling in his abdomen about the size of a golf ball that is possibly lymph nodes. They'll aspirate and have results soon. I also found a small lump on his forearm yesterday when we were cuddling and taking a nap. That one is only about the size of a pea. What this means is he is probably not in remission like we had thought. I am crushed, scared, angry and trying not to let him see my fears. At the moment I am overwhelmed, but know the feeling will pass. I trust God has a plan in my life and has ways for me to go about all of this. I am not alone, although at times I may feel that way. I am praying this is a temporary set back for George and that we are not yet at the brink... I know it will eventually come, but I would like very much for God to grant us more time together.

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