Tuesday, October 18, 2005

So Much Love To Give

George is amazing. Yesterday he was a real trooper. It was a particularly difficult day for me and just having him with me was such a comfort and gave me strength. In kind, he passed that same love, comfort and strength on to some others. We went to visit my Aunt Myrna in Anacortes who is reaching the end of her days here on earth and has been battling cancer for some years now. She has always loved dogs and it was my hope that George would bring some joy to her. She knows George (and Amber) as she used to come visit us quite a bit before she got quite ill. George was very gentle and did a great job being on his best manners at the nursing home. He was also greeted enthusiastically by many other patients and the staff there. He was enthralled by their birds. They have beautiful birds and lots of them in many cages throughout the facility. One attendant had a bird on each shoulder as she went about distributing books. George enjoyed the many friends he made and we had some very special and tender moments.

Today, George went to Animal Cancer Specialists in Lake City for his own Chemotherapy treatment. He is doing well and firmly in remission. We are targetting February as the cut-off for treatments and praying that it will hold foreverafter. George wouldn't mind being the first dog ever cured of cancer and neither would I. I know that the prayers, love and support of have pulled us through so far and as I opened a new bottle of Chemotherapy Support Formula from Dr. McDowell in Australia (thanks George P, you're a great friend!) http://www.herbal-treatments.com/herbal_treatments_for_dogs.html I thought back about the many different things and how they have all come together to bring George back to a healthy, vibrant state.
George, by the way, loves going to ACS and seeing his friends, Dr. Meleo, Merry, Amy, Sarah, Sandra, Ursula and everyone else at ACS & ACCES and all the other clients. He makes friends with so many people in the lobby. Today he met a very rare blonde Scottie Terrier named Laddie and his packmate Bonnie, a black Scottie.

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marti said...

george sounds like a love. aren't the furry critters just the best?