Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fun blogging again!

Is it ever too late to start blogging again? I've blogged on my business blog, but haven't really been sharing personal and creative things in years. Not that I have many readers, nor does that matter...I just like having a timeline of finishing projects. I don't journal, obviously, or this blogging stuff would probably be easy. Plus, with Google+ taking over, it is nice to have things linked.

I have been quite busy...lots of knitting, a little crochet, some embroidery, a bit of bunka sishu, and recently I have finally began to quilt! I have always wanted to quilt! combining embroidery with quilting...triple fun!

So much to learn! Oh my!

I made this on a chocolate brown t-shirt for a client's daughter for Christmas. I don't give many clients a gift for the holidays, but this family is special, besides I think kids in particular should get spoiled a bit at Christmas.

With the help of this particular family, or shall I say the mom who is an amazing quilter and is a great teacher,we finished this wall hanging for them.

I designed it, embroidered the pieces, and after days of working on it took it to their house and she showed me a million shortcuts on putting it together! Of course, she accomplished it in no time. Very cool!

 I am attempting to make a few more, as I'd like one for myself... but my dogs would figure out how to flip the bone so it always says "Hungry" on it! Maybe I'll even post a pattern when I perfect it. If anyone wants info on it, please leave a comment and I will happily send it to you.