Monday, September 18, 2006

Preemie Knitting

Swedish Hospital and the Washington March of Dimes has a special event going that has even me knitting baby clothes - other than for adorable Mr. Clark Adams, that as! And NO, we're not pregnant!
The weblink is here: Preemie Clothing Drive. A lady in my water aerobics class brought the information to the pool and asked if we'd all help. I've got one blanket on the needles and plan to cast on another tomorrow while I take my mother to her doctor appointments. Maybe I'll even do a hat?
I hope to have camera access soon so I can post a few pics, as I really have been knitting and I am hoping I can sneak a photo of the baby blanket my MIL is knitting for the drive on here as well. It is very pretty! She says she can't knit anymore, but I saw the yarn, needles and about 4 inches of work done the other day... she's inspired, that's what she is!!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

Well, usually this is the time of year when we head over to Lake Chelan for a little R&R. This year, we are sticking around the house, getting some work done towards installing natural gas (funny, I thought this household already had the very natural kind) and hopefully putting the boat in the water at one of our local fishing holes. I've spent the first day of "vacation" working...yes, updating my website and working on the materials I'll need for my upcoming classes, which start in October. Next Saturday, I'll be at Woof-N-Wiggles Doggie Daycare in Edmonds - in Firdale Village - at 1 o'clock for a special event! This is the location of my upcoming classes.
Other than working, Hank got a bath today. He is a good boy and is doing well, although fighting dandruff. I took him for a run along side my bicycle this morning and he really loved it. Art was worried we'd crash, of course and end up in the ER, but Hank was awesome. I think he's done this a time or two.
We're planning on going again tomorrow! Hopefully I'll have a camera again soon, so I can show you some pics and all the knitting I've gotten done lately!