Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 Goals

I've never believed in making resolutions. I do believe in setting goals and that in order for a dream to become a goal, it has to be recorded and expressed. So here goes...

My goal for this year is to eat healthier food and explore the types of foods I choose to put into my body, possibly becoming vegan or vegetarian, with the ultimate goal of losing at least 50 pounds from my current weight. I enjoy the process of this new healthier me and the way I look, feel and act as I become healthier and more fit.

I will take an animal communication workshop and enjoy a deeper and more meaningful relationship with my animal friends.

I will listen to my body while working out, walking and exercising to push it to work hard but within safe boundaries for steady improvement.

I will walk, swim, yoga or do some sort of exercise daily.

I will capitalize on marketing opportunities for my business and follow up on things that need completion.

I will knit for the sheer pleasure of it and finish projects I have already started.

I will not find other things to do to avoid cleaning house!

I will use my embroidery machine and make something beautiful to wear!

I will take and pass the CPDT exam!

I will attend the APDT conference this fall.

I will tell my family, dogs and friends that I love them every day!

I will go fishing!