Friday, October 28, 2005


Chlostridium (n.) is a spore forming bacteria which can be part of the normal intestinal flora, but in George's case he has an overgrowth. They're pretty nasty little buggers; I didn't find much in relation to animals, but in humans they can cause Lockjaw (Tetanus), Gangrene and other nasty stuff. It explains the runs he has.

Luckily before we left, George created a sample and I decided to bag it just in case the vet wanted it. She did. Tom, the cool lab genius even let me look through the microscope. Dr. Baxter was pretty sure that the lumps we had found were only lipoma's and of no great concern, but she aspirated them to be sure. He was so good and so brave! How a dog can hold still with just Mommy holding him while a doctor jabs a needle into his gut 6 or 8 times right next to his winky, I'll never understand, but he did and it was over. Then he got some really great cookies, hugs & kisses from the entire staff and a new tube of chicken toothpaste - yum - his favorite!

So, we get to have special food and some antibiotics for a week or so. We'll have results in a few days, but we don't think this is cancer related. Thank God, His blessings are many.

In retrospect, I remember telling George to "Leave-it" about a slug that was on the front porch the other night. I wonder if that is where all this started...

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