Sunday, December 04, 2005

George is feeling better!

It's been a tough weekend, but George is definitely feeling better today. How can you tell? He's a bit more frisky! He loves those Ice Cookies!!!! What a treat! They're keeping him hydrated and his tummy is feeling better, too! Today is a vast improvement over yesterday, which was not a good day, but not the worst. I was having my doubts, although his temp was acceptable yesterday; today his temp has lowered even further to and continues to be normal! No vomitting or the runs...Thank you, Lord!

I finished the Squiggle Scarf (pictures to post after Christmas) and started another present last night. There is so much to do! Ack! How does this happen when I started on Dec 26th? Well, Christmas is in full bloom around our house!At Thanksgiving Dinner Art's Mom gave us a poem by John Wesley which I thought was pretty special:

Do all the good you can;
By all the means you can;
In all the places you can;
At all the times you can;

To all the people you can;
As long as ever you can.

She also gave us table favors. Mine was a beautiful gold fabric box, filled with a lovely scented hand lotion and aromatherapy jar for relieving migraine headaches, which I have been battling for years. She not only finds the most beautiful gifts, but also ones that are special for the recipient. I have much love and admiration for my mother in law; she is an incredible lady. Thank you Jo.


hayden said...

I'm glad that George is feeling better; I'm sorry that he got sick over the weekend. Our dogs have always loved eating ice cubes too.

FYRKRKR said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hey dude(s)


love ya