Friday, December 16, 2005

Over the River...To Grandmother's House We Go...

(To clarify, that is "To George's Grandmother's House"...I don't want to bring a lump of coal upon myself when I have tried so hard all year to be good and I am this close!! But the title did seem to fit...) Actually, George and I spent a few lovely days at Art's Mom's & PaPa's house playing decorators while they were off playing elsewhere. This is what we started with...
And after Christmas Eve, I'll be showing the final results. I had so much fun stringing lights, of which there are never enough, fixing that ever-needed last strand, opening boxes, discovering treasures, (no~ I didn't do any peeking or snooping, I promise!) hanging ornaments and spending some quiet time with my boy.

While we were there, George insisted that Gramma left them apples out, just for him...
What do you have when you get a Golden Retriever that cannot catch?
A comedian!
By, George, I think you've got it!
Merry and his friends at ACS have been working with him on his Catch skills, but they are still a bit off... As you see, his concept is something to the effect of "maybe if I close my eyes and open wide enough it will just magically land in my trap!"

His skills are improving - well, he get's luckier more often!!!
Thanks for the comment, Stephanie, please feel welcome to call him "our dear George." I don't think people can "own" animals anymore than they can "own" another person. His heart is his own and it is big enough to love everyone - and he does. I am just lucky that he lives with me!

While at Mom's I took a picture of a very weird plant that has been growing in her front garden bed. It is dying off now, but does anyone know what it is??

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