Friday, January 13, 2006

Keep the Fight

It has been a few hard weeks. The house is quieter, but Amber is enjoying the extra attention and doing well, giving us both all of her love and affection. I understand why people rush out to get another dog (cat or pet) after losing one, as for a few days I felt the urge to do so. Although I did not take myself seriously and wouldn't do it, I do now understand it. While one can never replace a loved one that has gone, adding to the family distracts from the pain; we will face that pain, learn from it, grow and although hard, not walk away from it or the fight against cancer in our animals. The staggering numbers of people I talk to who have traveled this painful and devastating road astounds me. Every day I hear of more. It would be easier to walk away and put it behind me. I cannot do that. That does not make it go away. Perhaps I will never make it go away, but education and awareness is the only thing that will effect a change, by changing the way we treat out planet, our pets, our wildlife and ourselves. So, I will press on and learn as I go and perhaps someday, I can help someone else to not know the pain we feel now.

Today, my thoughts and prayers are with some very dear friends. Thank you for the laughter, security, friendship, companionship, silly antics and your abundant unconditional love. We love you, Cody, you big teddy bear! WOOF!

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hayden said...

Hey Gayle,

I'm glad to hear that you, Amber, and Art are doing better/well/better. Really glad to hear that. How are things otherwise?
(also, I made your chicken again last night. YUM.)