Saturday, June 24, 2006


It is with a sad and heavy heart that I write tonight. We have lost our dear friend, Mufasa, to lymphosarcoma. While I never had the opportunity to shake Mufasa's paw in person, ruffle the fur on the top of his head, plant a resounding kiss on the top of his beautiful snout, nor merely have the honor of carrying his fur - as lint upon my slacks, I feel like I have known this dear Golden boy...

Mufasa loved to play frisbee. He felt that playing was very important work, which he was extremely skilled and talented at! No matter the weather, nothing could bend him from this task, when he wanted to play and boy, did he play!

He enjoyed car rides and looked forward to when his non-furry siblings, Dan and Jessie would come home to visit him. He loved them very much, and as the Baby in the family, knew they came just to see him!!!

One of Mufasa's all-time favorite passions was to chase frogs at the pond on his property. I imagine there are frogs at Rainbow Bridge and he will have a lot of fun continuing the game there with his Golden brother Sebastian.

Occasionally teased about the white spot on his chest, Mufasa intelligently thought up some delicious nick-names to call himself. Twinkie and Creamsicle were his favorites, but any dessert items would do! When not hard at work or lounging in the kitchen, Mufasa was a master of "step-aerobics" as he felt that any exercise you could do while sitting on your bum was surely a great workout.

But by far, the muscle that worked the hardest for Mufasa was his giant heart, for he loved his Mom & Dad, his family, friends and neighbors and even the frogs he chased that gave him great joy.

Thank you Mufasa, we love you. We miss you.

This is dedicated to you, Elaine.
Hugs from your friends in Seattle.

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