Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A busy year!

We got the camera back and in dowloading it's pictures, I've discovered a boatload of wonderful photo's and things we've done to blog about... so much has happened around here in the past few months. Much of which, we can certainly reflect upon with smiles and happiness.

To start, Hank was adopted into a wonderful permanent home. He's quite happy and his new family adores him. He's doing well and enjoys having a family that is home a lot to spend time with him, walk and play with him. As soon as I met them, I knew they were meant to be. It was not easy to say "So long, Buddy!" but I knew he was going to be happy. We're staying in touch and will be meeting for hugs and kisses at the park!
We love you Hank! You big Handsome HuggyBear!

I've actually gotten some knitting done, although I really can't show it all... Christmas is on it's way and the few people who might read this blog might be the ones I don't want seeing it! I did finish one of the Preemie Baby Blankets I was working on in time to turn it in. The other is still WIP. I'm hoping The Red Cross and Swedish Hospital do the Preemie drive again next year; I should be able to find the unfinished blanket and finish it in time for next year's drive. (I know, I am such a cheater!!!)

Here's the one I did make, and as I am so abhorrent with pastels (blame my mother! They gag me!) I hope that whomever the mom is that recieves it is a little funky and likes the colors. The yarn is Stork, I got it at Acorn and is it very soft. Another thing of beauty I can show you is this...
He (she? It was really too small to see!) was very beautiful on my bathroom ceiling and held quite still while I took a few pictures!

and a sneak peek on Christmas presents... talk about soft!Best!

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