Saturday, December 02, 2006

Beautiful, Snowy Lake Chelan

The snow is sparkling at the water's edge and the fog across the lake is giving the town a mystery-novel appearance. It is as if we've stepped into a great Dicken's novel and are embarking on a grande adventure. Perhaps we are...

Art took some wonderful shots last night, I'd like to share (above and below) and be sure he gets full credit for the photography and special effects. Having the forethought to play with Sepia and Black and White was a great idea.

I've begun a very important Christmas present. I hope to finish it while here, but doubt that will happen. I am making good time, however. I got the inspiration for this scarf in a men's clothing store in Seattle called Mario's. It was $225. Yes. $225.00 !!! Can you imagine! Of course, I inspected and did measurements with my hands and arms and did all I could without calling too much attention to myself or making the saleman think I was a freak or shoplifter as I was calculating how to duplicate it...
Since it isn't a normal ribbing pattern, it was really throwing me off and I knew I was doddling too long, but I also knew I'd figure it out if I looked long enough. I should have thought to use my cell phone camera and take a picture of the one in the store, but it didn't occur to me to do so. That's ok, I just knew that it was some funky ribbing, so thanks to some trial and error and some knitting books...voila! Mistake Ribbing! Who knew mistakes could be worth so much! And so easy to do!

If anyone is reading this (and I know no one does) but I'll put it up anyway. Mistake ribbing is (k2, p2) k1. Turn, repeat. Multiple of 4+1. The scarf will be a very wide (manly) short with Keyhole.

Gotta run, we're on vacation!

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