Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What Breed Are YOU?

Follow this link below to find out! This is a lot of fun! Can you guess what I am?

It's good to be home! Amber stood on the front porch and cussed me out for a good 5 minutes before letting me into the house. She is so funny! She was so excited; running up and down the stairs like a puppy again! You'd never believe she was 13. She's my good girl. She doesn't like it when I am gone. She's such a Mama's girl!

I started a new shrug project 3 times now and on the way down to San Francisco, I frogged it and started all over again! I am finally happy (I think) and it is so much simpler - which is why I didn't want to do it this way to begin with - but making increases and decreases for the sleeves in seed/stockinette block pattern and adjusting it all to grow in pattern as it widened (then eventually decreased on the other side) became more work than I was looking for in this project. I just want something fun I can wear with jeans that is casual, classy and has more to it than just St st or Garter. So I frogged it all and did a Seed stitch border and am doing the blocks across. As it grows, I am really liking it. I like the yarn (Sirdar Denim Chunky) better now that I have knit more rows, but it does like to tangle when you're half through a skein; which is quite annoying. Regardless, it has promiss for a very pretty shrug and I hope to enjoy it this summer! I didn't get a lot done in California as I was too busy, but I accomplished a lot on the plane and made a lot more progress last night during the Westminster and the Olympic Games, but the camera is off the Carribean on it's own little vacation, so this is all you get to see for now.

Speaking of the Westminster, I just have to say that while all the dogs are so wonderful and it is so hard to choose a winner, I was delighted to have a Golden as a finalist. Andy, Chuckanut Party Favour O Novel, is from Bellingham, WA and while I don't know him or his owner/handler, we were rooting for you all the way! Two Paws UP!

Did you take the profile quiz yet???

According to the test, I AM a Golden Retriever... "You are the most laidback, loyal friend anyone could ask for. Easygoing and reliable, we're as likely to find you outdoors with a Frisbee as spending a lazy Sunday on the couch. You're brainy and sporty, and your expressive eyes convey your sensitivity to other people's feelings. Just don't let anyone take advantage of your kindness and you'll be top dog." (quote from USA Network/Westminster Dog Show profiler, see link above.)

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