Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow! Turkey Day is here again! This year is nearly over and as I look back, I see so many things to be Thankful for. It may not have been the easiest year, but easy years are not always the best years, for it is the hard times that promote growth and even the hard times could have been much worse and for all of that, I am thankful. I am thankful first and foremost to God, that His hand in my Life has molded that growth. While I may not understand the reasons why or the purpose for the struggles, illness and heartache this year held, He is still in control and in that He knows, is Wise and it was His hand that prevented those things from becoming worse than they could have. His hand comforted me, held me and I was not alone. That in the end, all these things will pass and none of them shall matter anyway, when we enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

I am thankful for Art, who has stood by my side. Who was there during my seizure and helped me in a moment I needed him so badly and who has supported, encouraged and loved me. For Trevor, who was there that evening, assisting in those crucial moments - there for Art & I both. I know it was very difficult for you, Little Bro'. Thank you, I love you. For Papa & Mary Jo, for their loving support. For the many miles they so lovingly put on their car for me to get me to appointments I needed to go to. For the special bond I got to develop with Papa during all those minutes on the road. I love you. I was adopted into Art's family a long time ago, but this past year, the love and support was incredible. The cards that Mike, Donna, Jennifer & Kristina brought to me in the hospital touched my heart in a new and meaningful way. THANK YOU, I love you all. I am thankful that God has blessed me with two wonderful neices whom I love dearly - and for getting to do "Prom Hair" and perms and other fun things! Love you, J&K!

I am thankful for God answering my prayers of many years by bringing Art Hansen back into my life, after all these years. To get to develop a relationship with someone so special, someone I've admired since I was a little girl has been very special to me. Thank you, I am glad you are home again and that we've become friends.

I am thankful that I've been able to learn to forgive and accept my mother in new ways which has allowed me to build a better relationship with her. I am thankful for my Aunt Myrna she was a blessing in my life; she is now free of pain and Home with the Lord.

I am thankful to all my friends, the ones I've held dear for a long time and the new ones I made this year; your love, support, friendship, time shared chatting, knitting, shopping and driving me (and the dogs when necessary) is so much appreciated! Thank you all, I love you!

I am thankful for my vets and their staff and the new friends I have made there, particularly, George in Australia, Merry, Amy, Dr. Meleo & Dr. Smalley. I have learned so much, much I did not want to know, about canine cancers, but I have anyway, so if I have to learn it, you have made the process better. I am thankful that you are willing to share your knowledge with the rest of us so we can do all that we can to help our canine friends. Thank you for your support, loving care and that you do your work with your hearts.

I am thankful for Amber and George. For their love. For the laughter they bring to my life. For the silliness that they readily display to lighten the atmosphere and remind us not to take things too seriously, but to live each day to the fullest. I am thankful that Amber, at the age of 13, is a young, active, healthy dog, full of spunk and vigor, and always ready to give kisses. I am thankful that George is feeling good, not in pain and doesn't care that his body is fighting cancer. Thankful that he laughs inside as he wags his tail and does silly things (like climbing on my neighbors jet ski trailer, just because "he can") to amuse us and wants to cuddle and play and is happy. Thankful that he is with us and he is happy.

Thank you all for your concern, support and inquiries as to George's health. It means so much to us.

I am thankful that God created dogs to remind us of his unconditional love...
(and not to take ourselves too seriously!)

Happy Thanksgiving.


Tammie said...

What a truly lovely post. I teared up! You sound like an amazing person. I am glad your animals have you! *Especially George :)

marian said...

I was reading your blog - directed here by poor miss finch, and found a name very familiar...Dr. Meleo. She was the oncologist for our little springer, gosh, that was 9 years ago. She and all in her practice were soooo kind to us! Our springer had lymphoma, and Dr. Meleo helped us so so much, I still get choked up today.

Carrie said...

Thank you for the wonderful reminder of how sweet life is. And the reminder to remember what we need to be thankful for. The little things in life. George is beautiful and I thank you for sharing him with me. God Bless you and your family.