Monday, November 21, 2005


Yesterday we watched the NASCAR Nextel Cup Championship Race at Homestead Miami Speedway. The Chase & the Race were fun to watch and while there were several drivers in contention for the Title, I am quite happy that Tony Stewart "Smoke" won! Congrats! (Besides, I have an affinity for dark haired handsome race car drivers with the last name "Stewart!!!) Greg Biffle (from Vancouver, WA!!!) won the race by just a nose over Mark Martin, his team mate, both were Title Contenders and both are drivers I root for! I would love to see Mark Martin win the Championship before he retires. Greg Biffle & Carl Edwards (another driver I adore!) tied for 2nd in the Chase, just 35 points behind Tony, but Greg gets second, because he had more season wins, and Carl is third.

I hung out on the sofa folding lots of laundry, sipping tea, & knitting. It was my speed. I have no voice and a very sore throat. I saw the doc on Friday and he said I wasn't contagious, but I was sick. No fun. So, I made HIS version of my mother's sore throat remedy: Honey & Lemon, but the Doctor version called for a shot of Bourbon. I didn't have Bourbon, so I substitued Whiskey, figuring that would be just as good. I must say, it works a heck of a lot better than my mother's recipe! I made another scarf, but this one is a gift that now needs embellishment and is a present to someone who actually reads my blog, so I cannot show it until Christmas... but I also am progressing nicely on the FLower Basket Shawl and hope to have it done before the Holidays!
Since I have no voice at all (literally!) I'd better sign off and get back to work!!!

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