Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Very Special Lady

Today would be the birthday of my Aunt Myrna, who was a very special and unique woman. I am going to take a minute to write a little tribute in her honor, as she went home to the Lord on October 29, 2005 after a long hard fight with cancer.
My mother's younger sister, she spent much of her life caring for and looking after my mother who was one of those "special children" in an age when people didn't acknowledge disabilities unless they absolutely had to. I think she was the only person who truly understood my plight and situation, the many battles that I fought with my mother, as she had been through so many of her own. At a young age, I learned a special way to communicate with her, and as I grew older, we could often communicate without much effort, which made family get togethers all the more interesting... and she taught me a lot. I remember the day she taught me how to put on mascara. That was so much fun! We could talk about boys and kissing. She was a HUGE Elvis fan!!! She'd tell the story of how she'd gotten his autograph when he was at a concert and go on and on about him! It was so cute! She'd rent the really cool movies that I wasn't allowed to watch at home (my mother was very strict on certain issues and took things a bit far) and she was just there for me. She understood. She was my advocate and protector, intervening on my behalf when my mother went nuts and she was there for me and especially so for my mother when my dad passed away 13 years ago.
She was amazingly talented and had a degree in interior design. She was gifted at floral arrangments, painting, needle work and many other things. I remember that at Christmas on birthdays, her presents were always the most stunning, beautiful things you could see! They looked like something you'd see in a movie. Perfectly wrapped with ribbon that matched the paper and real ribbon and a huge bow.
She and her husband had a small business as they got older and made bird houses, butterfly houses, pedestals, trays, signs and other home wares. All hand made by David, my Uncle, and hand painted by Myrna.
She was an inspiration and a blessing and I will always remember her quick smile and how her laughter was quick to fill a room and slow to leave it.
Thank you Aunt Myrna, I love you.

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Tammie said...

She was a very talented lady! Rest in Peace Aunt Myrna.