Friday, November 18, 2005

He's Back!

Last night was so much fun! Thanks Jenn for inviting me! I went up to my nieces' in the evening and we went out for Thai food, as they'd never had it before (I love introducing them to new things) and then as a foursome, with their mom, we all went to midnight showing. Afterwords, we had a lively discussion about the things that differed from the book and any "mistakes" we saw. I know I saw what I consider a mistake by definition of "technicality".
There were some costumes, but mostly kids from wearing high school sweatshirts. In fact, I was the only one in my party not wearing one... I was in my "Poodle Shrug" which Kristina renamed the "Bat Shrug" at Halloween. One girl made a stunning resemblance to Jenny Weasley, but was carrying Crookshanks - which as Hermione and Jenny are friends, I'll give that to her - and a guy as Hagrid who had painted 4 pumpkins to match the 4 Houses of Hogwarts. I wish I'd had a camera for those. They were very well done.

I am one of those "It's only 364 days until Christmas!" kind of people, you know, the kind that the Scrooges of the world grumble at and "Bah! Humbug!" as they scowl at me. Well, too bad I am a Christmas adorer. So, don't bother, I've been in the Spirit all year. As we are getting close, however, I am not nearly ready. Never am! I am however, working on it. I love this Trendsetter Yarns' "Savvy"! Isn't it gorgeous?
And what do you do with gorgeous yarn? Why you make it Georgeous, of course!

Hee hee! And then you go to work! I made this while watching Bewitched Monday night at home. (I liked that flic a lot more than I thought I would!)
and Viola! the next day...

So I started another with the remaining yarn! (Always get extra when you love a yarn!)

But I am having a hard time deciding which pattern I like better.

Any feedback? The first two shots are of the first scarf. The third pic is the scarf I'm still working on and hope to finish today. I have some knitting time today; I think I have bronchitis. Yeck!
Feedback is greatly appreciated. One is going to be a gift and I really want the recipient to love it! Thanks!

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Julie said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are sick! I hope you get to feeling better soon.